Why you should stay in lodges instead of hotels

Why you should stay at a lodge instead of a hotel

Talk of a lodge and some travelers may stare at you agape. This is because a lodge is often confused for a hotel and vice versa. So what is a lodge? In simple terms, much as both offer accommodation, a traditional lodge doesn’t provide food. It also doesn’t cater to long-term stays.

No matter where you travel, it is easier to find a hotel than a lodge. That being said, however, there are numerous perks to staying at a lodge as opposed to a hotel.

Let’s explore why you should consider staying in a lodge as opposed to a hotel:

Embrace Nature

Most lodges are set amongst nature, whether it is by the beach, on the top of a mountain, in the Rainforest, or the woods, you get to enjoy nature as you rejuvenate.

Enjoy unique rooms

Different lodges come with different rooms, from the rustic finishes to the “ancient” style wooden beds (often topped with a Norwalk Mattress). The rooms you book will most likely have more character than the traditional hotel room and will make for an interesting stay!

Forget the fast-paced life

Owing to their location, most lodges provide peaceful vibes to their visitors. You get to forget about the fast-paced life you are used to, if only for a moment! You will most likely enjoy a quiet nap, with only the occasional chirping of the birds and whistle of the trees to be heard!

Most lodges are designed in such a way that dwellings are separated to ensure maximum peaceful enjoyment.

Embrace a world of activities

Whether you are into hiking, swimming, or bird-watching, staying at a lodge allows you to enjoy different activities. Much as you may enjoy similar activities at some hotels, there is something unique about stepping out of your room at the lodge and tackling what the world has to offer!

Enjoy your privacy

Granted, inside the hotel rooms, you get to enjoy your privacy, but, some lodges are designed to be separated from other dwellings. This ensures plenty of privacy and space for you.

You don’t spend an arm and a leg

Most lodge prices are fair compared to hotel prices. If you are on a budget or are looking for interesting accommodation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg then you could check out some lodges on your next trip.

You get to cook your own meals

Most lodges provide only accommodation and no food. However, you may chance on some that do provide a kitchen where you can do your own cooking and save up on the cost of eating out! You may also enjoy campsite meals at some lodges.

You get to explore outside your comfort zone

There are different lodges to choose from, some have basic amenities, some have luxury amenities while some are so rustic to the extent that you get to use an outside bathroom as there is no indoor plumbing to look forward to! Some even provide no electricity! If you go for the basic, rustic lodge then you will get to live outside your comfort zone and add to your experiences!


Whatever lodge you choose to enjoy on your next trip, there will be plenty to talk about, especially if you are used to staying at hotels. The simple, yet exciting atmosphere in most lodges will help you appreciate them!